Video game publicity

I have been reading ‘The Definitive guide to Video game Marketing and PR’ by Scott Steinberg (2007) and came across a few great PR-related quotes by industry professionals that I thought I would leave here for future reference:


  • “We know that 90% of males research games on the Internet before buying them. I’d go so far as to say publicity is 2/3rd of the challenge, with marketing making up the remaining portion.”
  • “Oh, and if there’s one thing you should never, ever do as a marketing or PR professional, it’s this – show a title before it is ready. If your concept is powerful, don’t screw it by unveiling the game while it’s still half-baked. “

(Steve Allison, Chief Marketing Officer, Midway – pg 163)


  • When dealing with the press and publicizing games, proper planning and strategizing are everything. You absolutely, positively have to manage the timing and release of info and assets to the media so that you create and maintain enough interest leading up to and throughout a game’s public launch. I’d start promoting no later than 3-6 months before a game’s release, and keep doing so until 2-3 months after ship.”

(Katie Hanson, PR Manager, Sony Entertainment Online – pg 167)

  • “As a game marketer or public relations representative, there’s simply no substitute for knowing your market, knowing your product and target- ing your market accordingly. Basically, I think anyone working with game marketing should be a gamer at heart.

(Terri Perkins, Product Manager, Funcom – pg 173)

  • “I find the best public relations strategy is just being honest. Look, we all get asked questions that we can’t always answer. We aren’t always the source of the info, and there are cases where you can’t answer the question directly because of restrictions that have been put on you. But I’ve found that journalists appreciate a PR person who gives them a straight answer, treats everyone fairly, and gets back to people.”

(Pete Hines, VP of PR and Marketing, Bethesda Softworks – pg 177)


  • “Smart PR people listen, evaluate and do. That’s all it takes to reach the top. You have to be able to view a project or situation (listen), understand and process the information correctly (evaluate) and then mobilize in order to achieve the desired results (do).”

(Alex Josef, CEO, Pacific Media Partners – pg 181)


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