Potential future of video games


I hold many  fond memories from a plethora of video games I have played throughout my life. Because of nostalgic reasons, I still have my Nintendo 64, Xbox, PS One, Ps2, Xbox 360, Game boy, Game boy advance, Nintendo Ds, 3DS, Gamecube and Wii (but unfortunately not my Sega Genesis).

I have a Wii U (which I adore) and have been tempted to by a ps4 but the lack of awesome games on the ‘eighth generation’ of consoles has made me want to invest in a really good gaming PC. There is also the big controversial conversation at the moment insisting that the latest generation of game console will also be the last. There are a number of arguments that support this – a lack of portability, a lack of good AAA titles, a high price point and the fact indie developers are struggling to get their games onto home consoles.

Recently it seems consoles are now becoming more like ‘home-entertainment systems’ which allow you to browse the internet, play movies and watch TV. However, video gaming consoles made purely for gaming seem to be dying out. I still play my 3DS but it seems more adults are buying tablets and phones for their kids instead of consoles. Could this be because the games are cheap, portable and there are thousands of mobile games to choose from? Probably. Luckily the 3DS is a fantastic device but what happens when graphics on mobiles and tablets begin to improve?


So today as I was watching ‘King of Kong: A fistful of quarters’ (a documentary you have to check out about two gamers competing for the title of best Donkey Kong player) I started thinking about the future of video game consoles and whether we will all start playing the newest Assassins Creed or Call of Duty on our phones. I personally think the current video game companies will have to change and adapt – bring something new and innovative to the entertainment industry. Nintendo has definitely always been a game changer – they aren’t afraid to try new ideas (like motion controls or a gaming tablet) and it seems like Microsoft and Sony tend to follow in their footsteps. The Wii U could have been truly amazing – if the tablet was lighter, had a better screen and didn’t need a console to play it.

Apple and Samsung could have an opportunity to make a change in the industry. Imagine an immersive video game that could be played on your phone, TV screen, computers and tablet. Unfortunately it seems Apple and Samsung aren’t so good at making games, but if they created a console that allowed indie developers to create their own games that worked across different platforms, I think it would be a much-needed change of pace in the industry. We could have a bigger range of high quality games that we could access anywhere – the only problem is I probably would never pay attention to anything ever again besides the latest and greatest game wherever I go (oh boy…)


I also have big hopes for new devices such as Ouya, Steam Machine or Oculus Rift – they offer something different and are not possible to pull off on current mobile devices or tablets. It’s an immersive experience that I hope will take gaming to another level. Virtual reality, or better yet, augmented reality is an experience we have always wanted as kids but it has never really been achieved to the extent that we oh-so-badly desire. If we change the way games are played, maybe the home console will continue to exist. Playing the latest graphic-intense adventure game something like the Oculus rift while wearing Control VR gloves and walking on the Virtuix Omni sounds like a dream to me…

Do you think we will see another Xbox or Playstation in the next generation of consoles? Or do you think consumers will just turn to mobiles and tablets? What about PC Gaming? Maybe new consoles will pop up and steal the show? I am nervous but ultimately extremely excited to see how things turn out.


2 thoughts on “Potential future of video games

  1. A real gaming enthusiast would not settle for mobiles and tablets. They enjoy the complexity and difficulties that come with the whole gaming console experience. Although, Apple and Samsung are strong competitors in the innovative design of mobile devices and technology is developing at a velocious rate; the potential of mobile gaming is endless and unpredictable. But from a mobile consumer perspective, the gaming experience isn’t the point of sale rather its function to carry out our daily necessities (i.e. phone and video calls, texting, taking photos, web browsing etc.). To produce a mobile device that has standards up to par with gaming consoles is impractical but not improbable. Now, if i was a Apple or Samsung, would I waste resources and money to develop a product of such? The answer is most likely no.

    As for new generations of consoles such as the Xbox and Playstation; yes, they are being used more as a home entertainment system to watch movies and browse the web. And the only reason why they have developed these consoles to provide such functions is to broaden the market to which their product reaches. The end game will always be about profits. New technology has helped merged all our technology needs together; whether it be calls, text, gaming, photo and video needs; If a product can reach all those needs, they will develop it.

    The gaming experience has always been solidly based on a screen and a console, whether it be PC with your keyboard and mouse or like a Playstation. Everything is shown through a screen. The new development of virtual gaming such as Oculus Rift, is a way to create a new gaming experience which i believe is where the future of gaming lies. A 3D virtual experience of gaming sounds awesome. But how realistic is it? We spend hours on end playing consoles games trying to clock the game or be the winner; but how long would we last using these headsets without experiencing some sort of displeasure (headaches, migraines) of some sort. Have you ever heard of an anime show called Sword Art Online? It depicts a more advanced version of this kind of gaming platform. Rather than players virtually view and experience the 3D gaming of its kind in a waking state, they use a virtual reality helmet that stimulates the user’s five senses via their brain which allows players to experience and control their in-game characters with their minds.

    Now this kind of gaming would be the ultimate platform. SAO was actually based in the year 2022 which is kinda cool cause its actually not that far away (fingers crossed it will happen please). I also would like to add that i’m not a gaming enthusiast and that my little ‘essay’ here was just a thought and in no way supported by any real references. Hence the lack of knowledge about this field used. And… i havent written in a very long time and my brains kinda rusty, this kinda helped.

    • If only the NerveGear from SAO was real, I would love an immersive experience like that – minus the evil bad guy and inability to logout. I personally love having a console – Playing the game on the big screen with surround sound. I wish that they would develop gaming rooms already, with images projected on every wall and a swivel chair so I can turn around.

      Hoping not all games turn to mobile devices. Die hard gamers will stay loyal to their platforms, but the general public may swing towards the easier, portable option?

      Have you checked out the new Apple iOs ‘Metal’? Supposed to be made for higher quality gaming on their products.

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