What to buy a geeky gamer girl this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner but don’t freak out if you still haven’t bought a great gift for your geeky girl this Feb 14.

Buying the perfect gift can be a daunting task – so to help you out, I’ve created a list of Valentine’s Day gifts under $50 for that special gamer girl.

(And if she says she doesn’t want a gift this V-Day, just get her one anyway. Trust me.)


What girl doesn’t like getting flowers on Valentine’s Day? But instead of the boring, usual bunch of roses, get your geeky gamer girl an 8-bit Rose from Thinkgeek.com ($14.99). It’s romantic, but still quirky, and bound to make her smile this V-Day.


Tip: Spray it lightly with your favourite cologne. Every time she walks past and gets a whiff, she will be reminded of you.


Jewellery is a classic gift that girls appreciate at any time of year, but Valentine’s Day makes it just that extra special. Does your gamer girl like earrings, bracelets or necklaces? Then team it up with her favourite video game. (Triforce necklace? Yes please!)

You can’t go wrong getting her these awesome Health and Mana Potion earrings from Amazon.com ($15.99). They are cute, colourful and unique – she will definitely get tons of compliments when she wears them to the next con.


Check out the CriticalHitShop on etsy.com – It’s got heaps of handmade geek jewellery for guys and girls. You are bound to find something she will love this V-Day. My favourite? The Glowing Life Bar Necklace ($16.00).



Now most of the time, buying clothes for your gamer girl isn’t such a good idea unless you know her taste, style, fit and size. It’s best to just get her a gift voucher from her favourite online clothing store (threadless.com anyone?) However, us girls can never have too many pairs of underwear or playful pajamas. This can be the perfect gift for her this V-Day!

Check out Superherostuff.com – It’s full of underwear, lingerie and pajamas for your geeky girl. How about the Supergirl Junior Womens Night Shirt with Cape ($25.99) – It will give her the best night’s sleep she’s ever had!



You can never have too many things for your home or office! How about getting your geeky Valentine an artwork this Feb 14? But not just any artwork – how about a Keyboard Cat Poster from Thisiswhyimbroke.com ($12.99). This loveable cat has warmed our hearts and will make your geeky girl laugh out loud every time she walks in the room.

catpostIf she’s had enough of this feline prodigy, then perhaps get her a Romantic pixel heart heat changing mug from Thinkgeek.com ($11.99). We all know geeky girls run off coffee or hot chocolate.



Every girl expects chocolates on Valentine’s Day (even if we say we are on a diet – just get us dark chocolate instead.) Instead of the same-old box of chocolates from the milk bar down the road, why don’t you make her some quirky gaming chocolates?


Everyone will be wooed by your cooking skills and your gamer girl will think you are a creative genius. Don’t worry, if I can make these, you can too.

First off, buy an awesome ice cube tray – I suggest the Space Invaders Ice Cube tray from Gadgetsin.com ($14.95). Then follow this awesome recipe by Sugar of the Brain (found here). And presto – awesome geeky chocolates for her this V-Day!



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